*character shows signs of possible attraction to more than one gender*
me: omg what if they're bi??
straight people: what if they're GAY?
straight people: what if they're STRAIGHT with an EXCEPTION?
straight people: what if they are a COLLECTIVE of SIXTEEN FISH imitating HUMAN ATTRACTION PATTERNS as a part of their DEVIOUS DISGUISE?

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A very serious fanmix about Dick Grayson and his wonderful ass. (x)

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Why do all mra’s talk like they’re bullshitting an academic paper

this assertion is fundamentally erroneous, of course, and is merely a logical fallacy concocted by anti-male propagandists, as even the most churlish and base of individuals is cognizant to the truism that not all men

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'I was beat/spanked/paddled and I turned out fine? See!' I would argue that you did not turn out fine, you turned into someone who thinks it is okay to hit a defenseless child when they do something wrong because you have power over someone smaller than you.

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Every time I’ve ever been presented with the “I turned out fine” argument it is from people who I know and can verify have not turned out “fine” in the sense that they struggle with emotional regulation, treating other people well, temper control, and other things that stem directly from being abused as children.

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Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes

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boy wonders